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All About Flatbreads

To conclude our three-part series on bread, we’re actually going back to the beginning: flatbreads are the first breads, and they’re delicious. Learn all about ‘em in this post. Read more »

Sprouts & Microgreens

Sprouts & Microgreens–The Best Ways to Enjoy Them

Sprouts and microgreens add texture, flavor, and tons of nutrients to your plate. Find out how they’re grown and how you can prepare them. Read more »

Making Pea Shell Puree-1621

A Trick for Eating Your Pea Pods

Any time we send out fresh English peas (in this recipe or this one), we write this instruction: shell the peas. But you don’t have to toss those shells when you’re done. Here’s how to up-cycle them to create another dish! Read more »

How to Cook with Fat--the Cream Edition

Using Fat in Food: The Cream Edition

One of the ways we add heft, flavor, and satisfaction to our food is with fat. Yes, fat! Don’t run away. For years, fat has been a threatening ingredient, one that people avoid. But, as any chef knows, meals get a lot of their flavor from fat. Imagine your quesadillas without cheese or your pad […] Read more »


Ingredient Love: All About Quick Breads

What is a quick bread? In this piece, we talk to Amy of Amy’s Bread to delve into the world of those breads made without yeast. Read more »


Ingredient Love: The Undeniable Fryable Cheese

Everything you wanted to know about halloumi–the delicious, crispy, non-melting cheese! Read more »

Garlic Toast | Blue Apron

Pan con Ajo: Spanish-Style Garlic Toast

Got extra garlic? Spanish Garlic Toast is our third delicious method of making use of excess cloves from you Blue Apron box. Try it now! Read more »

Bread | Blue Apron

Ingredient Love: All About Yeast Breads

In the first of our three-part series on bread, we’ll explore some of bread’s most delectable incarnations starting with yeast breads like baguette, miche, and rye. Read more »

Garlic Bread from Blue Apron

Ingredient Love: Perfect Homemade Garlic Bread

Got leftover garlic? One of the all-time best uses for garlic, extra or not, is garlic bread. We share an incredible recipe that doesn’t disappoint–and is really easy to make. Read more »

How to Cook with Nuts

Using Fat in Food: The Nutty Edition

One of the ways we add heft and satisfaction to our food is with fat. We’ve already talked about delicious uses for cheese, butter, and oil, and today we’re looking into how nuts can add flavor to your food. Read more »

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