Gear up for our 1st annual Kids Cooking Camp!

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This summer, between all the swimming, reading, traveling and running around you’ll be doing, we at Blue Apron have a key idea for an activity the whole family can do together: cook! Getting kids in on the kitchen action doesn’t just lighten your load; it also teaches them skills they’ll use for life, creates a bonding experience, builds confidence, and encourages them to learn about (and taste!) new foods.

That’s why we’re so excited to share with you our brand-new virtual cooking camp for kids. Each week, we’ll provide a fun, educational activity to help your family learn about food and meal prep. From learning their way around the utensil drawer to growing a key ingredient for dinner (it’s easy, we promise!), your kids will turn into budding chefs (and healthy eaters!) over the next eight weeks. You don’t have to be a Blue Apron subscriber to participate, but if you are, we’ll be sending you materials in the Family Plan box every week between June 27th and August 14th. If you’re not a subscriber, you can still get in on the fun by downloading all the materials from the blog posts below.

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Your whole family will enjoy cooking together, and research shows that everyone will benefit—mentally and physically. Families who cook together eat together, too, studies show, and sitting down for a meal everyday helps boost younger kids’ vocabulary and may make older kids more likely to show up at school, earn good grades, feel close to their parents, and just say no to drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy fast food and takeout. That means this cooking camp isn’t just a fun way to help your kids gain some cooking skills; it truly sets them up for long-term success. What’s not to love?

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While our virtual kids’ cooking camp runs from June 27 to August 14, you don’t have to follow it chronologically if you’d rather jump around. Here’s a sneak peek of our curriculum, tailor-made to help your children learn what goes into dinner every night—from where the food comes from to how to turn those raw ingredients into something spectacular. Download our printable overview HERE. You can hang it on your fridge as you follow along with all the activities this summer.

Here’s what you’ll be doing at camp (and when!):

We want to watch your progress and help you cheer on your fellow virtual campers! Each week, you can share photos of your activities. By doing so, you’ll be entered to win a trip to New York City, where the whole family (up to four people) will co-create a recipe with Blue Apron’s culinary team! To enter the contest, which runs from June 27th to August 22nd at 5pm, simply upload a photo below or tag your Instagram photo with #BAcookingcamp and @blueapron, then follow the link we post in the comments. We can’t wait to follow your cooking camp adventures. Let’s go!

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