How FarmersWeb Matches Vegetables with Diners

Grilled cheese and tomato. Summer rolls and dipping sauce. Steak and potatoes. There are a whole lot of meant-to-be culinary matches in this delicious, delicious world.

FarmersWeb and Blue Apron

But sometimes, even the most perfect pairing needs some help getting together. For steak and potatoes, the matchmaker is a hot frying pan that sears each individually before melding their flavors together. For us, it’s an online produce matchmaker called FarmersWeb that connects farmers to buyers.

“Both buyers and producers benefit from finding and doing business with each other directly,” said David Ross, the founder. “By ordering through FarmersWeb, buyers always know exactly where their food is coming from and how it was grown or processed. Farms and food producers maintain control over the quality of their brand.”

The realities of agriculture mean that individual farms can run into problems finding buyers for their crops, since they have to plant them long before they’re sure of demand. If the radish harvest, say, yields more or less than expected, there’s a chance of waste or of unfilled contracts. On the other hand, buyers–especially companies like ours that are committed to finding the best produce and getting it to home cooks within hours of being picked–can struggle to locate local farms that can supply us with enough radishes for everyone to make Chicken & Snow Pea Radish Sauté.

FarmersWeb, now in its second year of operating, is essentially a marketplace that brings us buyers and great produce sellers on board. Though these buyers and sellers exist within 250 miles of each other, in the past we might never have found one another. That means we nod to FarmersWeb practically every morning, at least when a delivery of rhubarb from Samascott Orchards or a parsnip from Migliorelli gets packed up into a Blue Apron box. They’re the connection.

And so this matchmaking genius up lets us find you not just any tomato for your grilled cheese but the right tomato, one that’s grown from quality seeds in the best soil, with the attention of an experienced farmer who doesn’t live too far from your kitchen.

Which means your tomato-grilled cheese pairing is just that much more perfect.

Want to see how good local veggies can be when cooked in your home kitchen?

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