How to Recycle Your Blue Apron Box

Recycling your Blue Apron box’s packing materials takes under five minutes. Here’s what to do.

  • Our packaging is made from post-consumer waste and much of it is recyclable.
  • To recycle, first consolidate all the little plastic bags and cups and consolidate them into one big bag, then recycle the whole shebang. Most cities do recycle these, but be sure to check the specific listings where you live.
  • Melt our nontoxic ice packs, cut them open, and pour the gel into a plastic bag, which you can then dispose. Recycle the package. You could also consider keeping the ice packs for future picnics or donating them to local boy scout troops or meal delivery charities.
  • To break down the box, pop out the sides, fold the cardboard flat, and put it out with your paper recycling
  • We’ve selected insulated liners that are biodegradable, so you can dispose of them in your trash with minimal environmental impact

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