How to Recycle Your Blue Apron Box

We’ve worked closely with our suppliers to create packaging that is recyclable or made of biodegradable materials, and we’re continuously looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging. Here’s how to dispose of your Blue Apron packaging in the most environmentally friendly way. It takes just five minutes.

  • First, break down the box. Recycle it with standard cardboard/paper recycling. The cardboard inserts and paper liners can be recycled with the box.
  • Then, take all small plastic bags and bottles and recycle them with your with plastic recyclables – #4 and #2 recyclables respectively.
  • For liners: if you receive a thin foil bubble liner, it can be recycled with plastics. This liner is #7 recyclable. If you receive a thicker foam-insulating liner, the outside is recyclable in plastics, and the inside is made of biodegradable materials. Please remove the outside layer and recycle, while disposing of the inside in regular garbage.
  • For icepacks: discard the gel in the trash. To recycle the exterior packaging, transfer gel to non-recyclable package, and recycle the plastic casing. You could also consider keeping the ice packs for future picnics or donating them to local Boy Scout troops or meal delivery charities.


Often times you’ll find yourself with the opportunity to ‘upcycle’ your packaging. See here for several ways your fellow chefs are getting creative in making use of their packaging.

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