How to Recycle Your Blue Apron Box

Blue Apron Recycling

We’ve worked closely with our suppliers to create packaging that is recyclable or made of biodegradable materials, and we’re continuously looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.

Here’s how to recycle your Blue Apron packaging in the most environmentally friendly way:

Option 1: Recycle at home

  • Recycle the box and inserts curbside with the rest of your cardboard/paper.

  • Recycle the thin foil liner curbside. For our thicker insulated liner, recycle the exterior plastic and dispose of the biodegradable interior.

  • Recycle all small plastic bags and bottles with your with other plastics – #4 and #2 recyclables respectively.

  • Thaw the ice packs, cut off a corner, and empty the water-based solution into the trash. Recycle the exterior with your #4 plastics.

Not sure of your local community’s recycling options and rules?  Login to our Recycling Center and use the recycling locator to find how to recycle in your community.


Option 2: Return your packaging to us for free

No recycling options in your community? Return 100% of your meal packaging to us for recycling and reuse. We’ve partnered with the USPS to use existing delivery routes, so there’s no additional carbon footprint to your return.

Login to our Recycling Center to print your free return shipping label.


Option 3: Upcycle!

We hear from many Blue Apron members who ‘upcycle’ their packaging in all sorts of creative ways.  See here for suggestions on how to reuse your packaging at home. 


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