The whole spice conundrum pits grinding whole spices (messy) with using old ground spice (not very flavorful) and shares how subscription spices (that's us!) solves the taste-versus-waste problem altogether. Read More
If you spend enough time in the globe's cafes, markets, and street stalls, you'll find that you encounter not just new flavors but also new ingredients. Here, we hit the Asian produce stands, help you separate bok choy from yu choy from Chinese broccoli--and tell you about the dishes you can cook up with these new favorite vegetables. Read More
In this week's flank steak recipe, we garnish with deliciously frizzled shallots. Take one minute to think about the best onion rings you've ever eaten, and you'll understand why we decided that crispy shallots ought to rest atop the meat in this meal. Still, we know pans of hot oil can inspire terror in even experienced chefs, so we wanted to illuminate just what goes on when you turn squash into tempura or shallot slices into, well, frizzled shallots. Read More