Celebrate summer eating with Blue Apron in our summer season instagram contest! To enter, tag @BlueApronMeals and #BlueApronSummer every time you post delicious images of your Blue Apron summery meals. Bonus points for images that capture the essence of summer--show off the cool drinks, gorgeous sunsets, and outdoor tablescapes beside your meals. We’ll pick the summeriest photo each week to re-gram on our Instagram feed and show off to the whole wide world of Blue Apron fans, via our Facebook page. An all-time winner will receive a beautiful Staub Grill Pan to keep the summer season going on forever. Read More
The sun is shining. The office is closed. The barbecue is open. July 4th is coming. The 4th provides a full day of luxurious free time and a celebration that revolves around food. We've fine-tuned the Blue Apron box that week to give you the option of turning your three meals into an all-day barbecue. All you need: a picnic blanket, a grill, and friends to share your cookout with. Note that you can also nix the party and the grill and make each meal as usual, indoors and one at a time! Read More
Oranges, lemons, limes, and even grapefruits offer two distinct ways to flavor your food: the zest and the juice. We love to brighten food by adding the zest into our ricotta filling or chicken marinade, in addition to using the juice in our salad dressings and sauces. Here are three techniques for zesting success. Read More
After a hungry commute home, we all wish we could open the door and find the scent of dinner wafting into the entryway. When you're the cook in your household, no scents will be wafting until you start sautéing those fragrant onions yourself. Still, you don't have to go it completely alone. Here at Blue Apron, we love to make making dinner easier. Today we wanted to highlight one app that can help also out with getting dinner on the table--Cozi. Read More