Summer's sweetest vegetable--the corn cob--is also one of its messiest. We love adding fresh corn to our dinners, and sometimes we do eat it straight from the cob. When it comes to getting those sweet kernels off the cob, we keep it simple: a chef's knife to cut and a bowl to catch the kernels. Some of our favorite chefs have come up with all kinds of more involved methods for de-kerneling the cob. For your amusement, we rounded them up here. Read More
In our recipes, we refer to the pans we use all the time--our large pot for boiling water, or our medium-sized pan for frying up beef for pad see ew. Exactly what size pans do we intend for you to use each time you cook our recipes? Well, that depends on the meal. Here's how to choose the right-sized pan for the job. Read More
All summer long, we gorge on tomatoes. They grace this week's salmon burgers and next week's za'atar shrimp, among other recipes. So we wanted to make sure you knew how to choose and store your tomatoes for maximum flavor and eating pleasure. Read on for tips on selecting ripe tomatoes and preserving their tastiness (hint: never put them in the fridge). Read More
In some of the hottest climates in the world, food is both hot (temperature) and hot (highly spicy). Why? Though it's counter-intuitive, when you eat hot food, your body's receptors notice. They relay the hotness to the brain, which in turn sends signals that start to cool you down. That's why we love eating summer corn chowder, even in July. Read More