Right around this time last year, we were shipping out the first-ever Blue Apron boxes. We crafted our recipes, spec'd out ingredients, and sent you boxes. Those were delicious recipes--time-tested favorites our chef had perfected over the years. Since then, we're created hundreds of incredible new recipes, stir-fries, sandwiches, salads, and spaghetti. Now that time has magically propelled us back to the beginning, we're re-sending you some of our favorites from early on. That means you'll get to enjoy the Sweet Miso Cod and Seared Hanger Steak we love so much. Read More
When we brainstorm dinners you can make in 35 minutes or so, our thoughts often turn to the stir fry. In this traditional form of quick cooking, flavor develops as ingredients take a quick turn being cooked in a hot pan. Just like the inhabitants of Thailand, Vietnam, and parts of China, we could eat some sort of stir fry for practically every meal. The flavor variations are infinite, from shrimp fried rice to curry noodles with pork. Yet it's our latest creation, these Roadside Noodles with Bell Pepper, Tomato & Broccoli Rabe, that we want to tell you about today. Read More
Why why 'til dessert to tickle your tastebuds with a touch of sweetness? Sweet notes round out the savory base of any dish, giving you an easy way to create a new and interesting version of a go-to meal, one that dazzles and excites your tastebuds. Here are some of our sweet and savory favorites: Read More
...so you never confuse capellini with cavatelli ever again. At Blue Apron, we love Italian food. It's romantic. It's heartfelt. It relies on the best seasonal ingredients. While we’ll never turn down a lovely chicken cacciatore or a plate of osso bucco, it’s pasta that really has a special place in our hearts. Yet with all the different shapes of pasta available, it can be tricky to separate one from another, let alone know which noodle to pair with which sauce. Here, we go through the basics, distinguishing the rigatoni from the radiatore and the spaghetti from the spaghettini, as well as sharing some delicious recipes to take your pasta beyond the traditional marina sauce. Buon appetito! Read More