September 2013

Instagram Photo Contest: #BAChef

Win our chef’s two favorite skillets in our latest Instagram contest, where you show off how you get to “Be A Chef.” #BAChef Read more »

Video: Secrets of the Best Bok Choy

In our latest video, we take you behind the scenes to New York City’s Chinatown to see what inspires our chef to get cooking in the test kitchen. Read more »

The Trouble with Ovens

Believe it or not, most ovens are not actually at the temperature they claim to be! We show you two solutions for making great food anyway. Read more »

Here’s How: Take the Bite out of Shallots with Vinegar

Nearly as often as we ask you to mince your garlic into paste, we instruct you to transfer your minced shallot to a small bowl with some vinegar. After that, as you get back to cooking your steak or your chopped apple salad or your farro. Meanwhile, the vinegar gets to work on the shallot. It’s amazing how much better your meal will be just because you left the shallots alone! Read more »

Video: Here’s How to Turn Your Garlic into a Paste

Our latest video shows you how to turn a clove of garlic into delicious garlic paste that can be stirred into vinaigrettes to give them tremendous flavor. Read more »

Red, Orange, Purple & White: Your Guide to the Potato Rainbow

We’re always struck by the immense variety of potato types–far beyond the plain old russet. Here’s a guide through all colors, shapes, sizes, and textures of the potato. Read more »

Here’s How: Finish Pasta Like a Pro

If you know how to cook, chances are you can make a plate of pasta. Today, we share a tip for making the best-ever dish of pasta by using a secret ingredient: the pasta’s cooking water. Read more »

Video: Here’s How to Season to Taste

In our latest video, we show you how to add salt to your food little by little, tasting as you go, so that your meal is perfectly seasoned every time. Watch now! Read more »

Here’s How To Use Fat in Foods: Oil Edition

One of the ways we add heft, flavor, and satisfaction to our food is with fat. First up in our little serious is oil – here are three important oils we love to use in the kitchen. Read more »

Here’s How: Clean Mushrooms the Right Way

There’s an important tip to know when preparing any kind of mushroom for cooking. You want to clean each mushroom by wiping it with a damp towel instead of running it under water. Read on to find out why! Read more »

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