January 2014

Announcing the Food Resolution Sweepstakes Winner!

Thanks to everyone who shared 2014’s foodie new year’s resolutions in our Food Resolution Sweepstakes! We’ve picked a winner to receive our ultimate get-cooking kit. Congrats! Read more »

Dinner Conversation: Chinese New Year

Every so often, we round up posts, videos, and even playlists to entertain you while you cook, and provide conversation fodder for tonight’s Blue Apron dinner. The lunar new year begins today, shepherding in the Year of the Horse, and so our minds have turned towards Asia, where new year’s traditions prove particularly delicious. How […] Read more »

Beyond Dinner: Homemade Guacamole and Chips

With the big game approaching, all our thoughts turn to Tex-Mex cuisine, especially dips, and especially guacamole. It’s easy and healthy to make chips and guac at home, and our latest video shows you how. Read more »

5 Tricks to a Great Slider

Sliders: more than just little burgers. There’s an art to making delicious sliders. Follow these five tricks for ultimate slider deliciousness, every time you grill turkey, mushrooms, or chicken. Read more »

Here’s How: Serve Any Soup in a Bread Bowl

You can serve any soup in a bread bowl. Here’s how! Read more »

Why Eating Healthfully Is Nowhere Near As Expensive As You’d Think

When it comes to talking about healthy food, there is often a swift reaction to point out how difficult it is economically for many people to put good food on the table. But is eating healthfully really that much harder on the wallet than dining on fast food? That Spanish tortilla pictured above? Yeah, that’s […] Read more »

Kitchen Toolbox: Bain Marie

Although you don’t need more than a handful of utensils to do great cooking–that’s the whole point of this series!–but one of the most important pieces of equipment is a container to hold those utensils: the equivalent of the pencil case. Read more »

Beyond Dinner: Blood Orange Champagne Cocktail

An easy recipe for making Blood Orange Champagne Cocktails that uses a cool cooking tip and just two ingredients! Read more »

Here’s How: Roll Your Own Sushi!

Here’s a video that shows just how to roll sushi at home. Read more »

11 Super Casserole Recipes for a Super Bowl Feast

A cozy gratin: easy, warming, and make-ahead-able. All qualities essential to big game eating. So, whether you’ll be routing for Denver or Seattle–or just a really snowy East Coast game–whip up one or more of these delicious, gooey main courses. In other words, here are 11 super casseroles for a super Super Bowl feast. Read more »

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