In the summer, desserts are both easier and harder to make. Easier, because there's so much incredible ripe fruit available, from beautiful berries to stone fruits like peaches, and harder, because it's hard to turn on the oven when the temperature is rising outside...That's where these strawberry parfaits come in. Read More
This week, we're cooking the season's last yield of the fresh-tasting legume in our Pan-Seared Salmon over Whole Wheat Israeli Couscous with Fava Bean-Olive Relish to bid good-bye to the season (and welcome summer in its stead!). While fava are delicious, they don't come easy. Here are the steps you'll need to know to extract the delicate beans from their two layers of protective shells. Read More
Summer is officially here! In an effort to celebrate dinner outdoors, beach picnics, summer produce, barbecues--the list goes on and on--we're hosting a photo contest so we can all share in the excitement. Enter the #BlueApronSummer Photo Contest to win our Ultimate Get-Cooking Kit (plus our summer essentials) by submitting your summer-inspired photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Read More
Salmon contains a whole lot of good-for-you nutrients and fats. The dinner mainstay can also turn almost any ingredients--noodles, greens, or a sandwich--into a completely satisfying and all-around nutritious dinner. Here are seven of the salmon-based suppers we've sent out to members recently. Try one tonight! Read More
Today Lori, our Home Chef columnist shows you how to master the VIP garnish of summer desserts: whipped cream (also applicable to egg whites/meringue and anything else that needs whipping). We know you'll be wanting dollops of whipped cream on the lovely fruit desserts of summer, so read on to prepare to "whip it good." Read More
Before long, summer squash will appear in abundance, wherever you look. Friends who garden will begin to bake loaves upon loaves of zucchini bread. Cooks will fry, sear, roast, and grill zucchini, beloved for its sweet but mild texture--even if none of the squash are exactly rare. The squash is abundant, and so are the ways of cooking it. Likewise, the varieties of squash proliferate. Here are the ones you shouldn't miss. Read More
Forget the cherry on top. Try fuss-free dessert-decorating with the classic strawberry. No time to aim for a perfectly frosted and smooth cake? Don't even worry about it. Instead, beautify your treats with already-gorgeous berries that make the sweetest part of your meal look professional and pretty – with barely any effort. Read on for adorable strawberry-adorned dessert recipes from around the web. Read More
One of the most exciting parts of being a part of Blue Apron is that we all cook the same recipes each week. Why not share this amazing experience and make a point to cook together this Wednesday night!? Here's the idea: save your Lemon-Parsley Chicken Thighs recipe for Wednesday night, then tune in to the Blue Apron Facebook page from 6:30 to 7:30pm EST to cook along with your fellow chefs! We’ll start the discussion with a post and then let you introduce yourselves to your fellow chefs. Then, as we go, we'll share our tips and tricks for the recipe and respond to questions and comments live throughout that hour. Read More