August 2014

5 Great Blue Apron Dinners to Throw onto the Barbecue

With summer about to come to a close (though not officially: we’ve got more warm days and ripe tomatoes in our near future), we bet you’re aching to give your grill a last run. But maybe you’ve worn out your affection for hot dogs, and you’re ready for a grilled dinner that’s a little more creative.

In that case, skip re-supplying your hot dog great Blue Apron meals that translate beautifully to the BBQ–and tips about how to make the jump from indoor to outdoor kitchen.
Here are 5 great Blue Apron meals that translate beautifully to the BBQ–and tips about how to make the jump from indoor to outdoor kitchen. Read more »

Five-Ingredient Peach & Champagne Granita

Here’s the thing about granitas: you might recognize them as slushies or slurpees or shave ice. The nuances are small, but the most important thing to know about the granitas we make is not that they’re slushy or bright but that they make use of the freshest ingredients–in this case, delightfully ripe summer peaches. Read more »

#BAlive–The Blue Apron and Gramercy Tavern Edition

Last Wednesday night, we teamed up with Gramercy Tavern and gave you an in-the-kitchen look at how we prepared the Pan-Seared Chicken Thighs with Baby Zebra Eggplants at home, sharing tips and tricks straight from our chefs! Many of you tuned in a prepared the recipe along with us, and it was a big success. Check out the recipe recap featuring all of the fun take-aways from our experience cooking together. Read more »

How to Tie a Blue Apron

Professional chefs are known for working neatly. But that doesn’t mean they skip the apron. In fact, you’ll rarely see a professional chef without one. Aprons not only protect your clothing, they also provide a place to stick a dish towel or wipe your hands. Here’s how to tie an apron like a pro. Read more »

Here’s How: Satisfy and Impress Your Gluten-Free Friends

Imagine that you’re not gluten-intolerant, and thus not deeply briefed in the ins and outs of what the gluten-avoiding crowd can and cannot eat. And yet, you’ve invited over some friends who are. What should you make for your dinner party guests? Read more »

A Recipe for the Classic Breakfast Frittata

The frittata serves a whole lot of purposes. First and foremost, the baked egg skillet counts as an excellent breakfast. But secondarily, here are some things that the frittata might become to you: lunch; a way to use up extra veggies from the farmers’ market; a brunch centerpiece for friends; an excellent vessel for getting your daily dose of bacon; dinner; a way to eat more summer tomatoes; and your favorite meal to customize to your tastes. Read more »

Peel Veggies Without Making a Mess

In the latest edition of Home Chef, Lori demonstrates how to prep vegetables without turning your countertop into a ridiculous mess. It’s easy! Read more »

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