September 2014

The Toast Topping We Can’t Get Enough Of

Avocado toast: a foodie breakfast trend that became a serious classic. Now that the trend is a trend no longer, it’s time to explore the full range of possibilities that the healthful yet delectable breakfast presents to us. Read more »

5 Foods You Should Sometimes Store in the Fridge

We’ve already talked about foods that taste best when stored on the counter and those that must be placed in the fridge as soon as possible. But what about the stuff in the middle? Read more »

Why to Eat Produce When It’s In Season

We talk a lot about in-season cooking. On your plate, that means all kinds of tomatoes in the summer and heaps of squash in the winter.

But while eating seasonally can sounds incredible in July, just as the first Sun Golds hit the market and the taste of that tomato banishes all memory of snow and ice, by September, the “eat seasonal” mantra can dwindle into a whine: “More tomatoes?” We get it: you’re ready for that squash. But come March, we’ve got a feeling tomatoes will be on your mind again. Read more »

Five-Ingredient, Super-Easy Brownies

You’ve probably eaten your fair share of brownies, but did you know there are two distinct types of the delicious chocolate-y squares? Here’s our recipe for a five-ingredient version made with nothing but salted butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and cocoa powder. Read more »

Our Ingredient Obsession: Labneh

There are so many standout ingredients that we adore, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of our obsessions. But you’ll see them in our recipes, the incredible¬†ramen noodles that inspire a whole dish, the heirloom tomatoes that must be sliced into a BLT. One of our latest food preoccupations is with labneh. Read more »

This Fruit Gives You the Most Bang for Your Buck

Lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits can change your cooking for the better–each one delivers a few ingredients in one compact and inexpensive package. Read more »

Blue Apron Dinners From Coast to Coast

One of our favorite things to do each morning is to tune in to the #BlueApron Instagram hashtag and see what you cooked the night before. So, for this ‘Homestyle’ photo roundup, we’re looking at the ‘grams that showcase how Blue Apron chefs prep, cook, and share the same recipes, but in their own unique way, from kitchens across the country. Read more »

Here’s How: Gracefully Entertain Your Dairy-Free Friends

As with many of the most visible diets these days, eaters follow a dairy-free diet for all kinds of reasons. Some are allergic to the dairy proteins themselves, while others lack the enzyme lactase, which is the body’s workhorse for digesting lactose, the sugar in milk. Still others keep kosher, which means if there’s meat anywhere on the menu, dairy is out. Our culinary team shares tips for entertaining dairy-free friends with style, grace, and good taste. Read more »

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