November 2014

The Blue Apron Pizza Cooking Show: Starring YOU!

In honor of the holiday, we’re sharing what we’re thankful for: OUR HOME CHEFS! Thanks to all of our members for sharing their videos so we could make the latest Blue Apron Cooking Show, in which you show us how to make Butternut Squash & Goat Cheese Pizza. Watch now!
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Five-Ingredient Double Butterscotch Pudding

Because you need another idea for Thanksgiving dessert, we bring you this classically delicious recipe for butterscotch pudding. Read more »

Home Cook Hall of Fame: Julia Child

Meet Julia Child, the chef who got Americans cooking again, via her love for French food. Read more »

Cardamom & Chia Seed Granola

This delicious (gluten-free!) granola takes its place in a long and storied history of American breakfasts. Read more »

Hate Spicy Food? 16 Ingredients to Avoid

Would you like your puttanesca with a dose of red pepper flakes, your udon noodles with chili garlic sauce, your fish sandwich with tons of Tabasco? No thanks, you say? Hold the spice? Well, while many cuisines boast a high degree of spice in their dishes–and while many eaters love hot food, whether or not […] Read more »

Vermont Creamery: Where the Best Goats Make the Best Goat Cheese

In the United States, there’s a region that looks a little bit like France. The green hills are dotted with cows and goats, and people there make cheese from scratch. Watch how Vermont Creamery turns out the best goat cheese, from pasture to pizza. Read more »

Super Seasoning For Your Spuds

There’s an infinite number of ways to make mashed potatoes, and that’s one thing I love about them. You can make them really smooth or leave them lumpy. You can mash them with a ricer, masher or mixer. You can stir in melted butter, room temperature butter, milk, cream, sour cream, buttermilk or something else. But I think there’s one thing we can all agree on: a bland scoop of mashed potatoes is the worst scoop of mashed potatoes.
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