September 2018

Explore a World of Pinot Noir

The grape presents a different style of wine everywhere it’s grown—which is why it’s beloved. Great wines may be memorable, but great Pinot Noirs are unforgettable. This is because—wine nerds generally agree—Pinot is best at capturing the essence of the place and season in which the grapes grew. Try a Pinot made of grapes from […] Read more »

Perfect Pinot Pairing

Serve this dish with Pinot Noir and discover what an ideal match is all about. Pinot Noir is one of the food-friendliest wines, typically a smart choice with salmon, pork or duck—but Pinot is also sublime with a mushroomy dish. If you’ve yet to have your “aha” moment when it comes to pairings, try serving […] Read more »

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