A Letter from our CEO to Kick Off 2021

To our community of home cooks,

In 2020, we saw firsthand the value home cooking can bring to our lives. It’s more than making a meal. It can deepen bonds with those we love, whether it’s in-person or virtually, or offer a small moment of reprise as we manage through a stressful time.

By cooking with us, you pushed your culinary curiosity and learned new kitchen skills. Throughout the past year, we prepared over 970 recipes, many which featured new ingredients like lamb, scallops, duck, watermelon radish, and more.

At times, it’s hard to find a moment to prepare a home-cooked meal, especially as you look for the right variety and flexibility to fit your lifestyle. We are here to help. In addition to our new Wellness and customization options, we’re bringing you a series of recipes designed for quicker prep and easier cleanup, without sacrificing the flavor you expect from us. These recipes allow you to focus on the things that keep us away from the kitchen, and still come together over a flavorful, nutritious meal.

In 2021, we also plan to continue to give back to communities where we operate. To kick off the year, we are proud to support City Harvest, a food rescue and hunger relief organization and a Blue Apron partner since 2012, and its mission to feed New Yorkers during this challenging time. We will also continue to support people in need through our ongoing partnerships with regional food banks under Feeding America as well as explore additional partnerships throughout the year.

We are committed to responsibly sourcing fresh, high-quality, and wholesome seasonal ingredients directly from our suppliers, leaving out the middleman. In 2021, we will continue to strengthen our direct-to-source approach, while advancing our commitment to animal welfare, clean label, and sustainable seafood ingredient sourcing standards.

Lastly, as we continue to focus on bringing you incredible recipes, we regularly assess our impact on the environment and challenge our status quo. Cooking with Blue Apron could reduce your carbon footprint compared to preparing the same meal with ingredients purchased from a grocery store.* However, we’re striving to further lessen our environmental footprint and plan to do more in the coming year.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, and thank you for cooking with Blue Apron. 


Linda Findley Kozlowski, President and CEO, Blue Apron
*According to a University of Michigan paper published in 2019