All About Brodo Bone Broth

When Brodo opened its first location in Manhattan in 2014, it caused a frenzy. At the time it was novel to walk around with a to-go cup filled with savory bone broth, but New Yorkers couldn’t get enough. This tiny window-service restaurant was the brain child of Marco Canora.

Canora was already the executive chef at Hearth in the East Village. Brodo came about as a resourceful way to use the takeout window attached to the side of his already popular restaurant. At the time, he had no way to now it would spawn an empire. Today, Marco Canora’s rich and hearty broth is available across the nation, including in Blue Apron boxes.

Brodo may have been revolutionary, but the basic principle of bone broth is ancient. Here’s what all the buzz is about: 

What is Bone Broth? 

Bordo bone broth

Brodo is made with water, roasted bones from beef, chicken, or pork, and aromatic flavorings. Although these may sound like the same basic ingredients that make up traditional stock, very few commercial broths are actually made with roasted bones. Roasting the bones and taking the time to simmer them is what allows the collagen and other nutrients in the bones to release. This process is what is what transforms a thin stock into a hearty bone broth. 

The Health Benefits of Bone Broth

The longer that water simmers with bones, the more collagen it can extract. Collagen supports skin and nail health, is packed with protein, and also adds a luscious texture that makes this healthy elixir feel indulgent. 

Brodo’s bone broth is delicious in its own right, let’s not forget it started out as a beverage, but it can also add rich flavor to sauces, gravies, and stews. In Blue Apron boxes you’ll find it being used as a braising liquid in our braised chicken and smashed potatoes, and to deglaze pans for in our gnocchi with summer vegetables.