Ideas for a Romantic Date Night at Home

date night cheese plate
Nothing says romance like a sumptuous cheese plate

Let’s face it: we’ve been at home for a long time. If you happen to live with your romantic partner, it’s possible that things are getting … a little less romantic than usual. It might feel like a pointless amount of work, but we promise that putting in the effort to get dressed and create a romantic date night at home will help lift your spirits. 

Relationships are personal and unique. No two are exactly the same, but all relationships should have an element of mutual respect. Taking the time to create a special evening together is an easy way to make your partner feel respected and special. Of course, this is about everyone, so split up the work and make sure each partner feels like they’re getting special treatment. 

A date at home doesn’t have to be a lot of work to feel special. Here are some tips from the Blue Apron Team that will help you turn up romance and have fun doing it. 

Easy Date Night Ideas

  1. Light a candle during dinner! Come on, this is romance 101. Just make sure it’s not scented. The aromas from the candle can distract from the aromas in the food. 
  1. Take time to set the table and create ambiance. We all love to eat takeout on the couch sometimes, but for a romantic night at home, you’ve got to bust out the real silverware. Lay out whatever you have that makes sitting down and eating feel elevated. Think placemats, silverware, napkins, your favorite plates, fancy glassware, etc. 
  1. Dress up (or at least put your ‘fancy’ sweatpants on)! Treat your at home date like you would a special night out. Once dinner is done being prepped––finishing in the oven, or warming on a heating tray––pop away from the kitchen to do a quick change. It helps shift your mindset and separate the (work)day and the cooking experience from the lovely shared meal together.
  1. Turn up the music. Set up a playlist beforehand with some of your favorite songs. It’s a great way to set the tone you want for your evening. If you’re cooking a specific type of cuisine, it’s also really fun to put on some music to go with that. Some bistro music or classic Italian tunes will really transport you. and make the whole experience more enjoyable. Dance breaks (preferably at a hands-off cooking moment) highly recommended.
  1. Don’t sign up to cook a stressful meal. Look for dishes that can be made (at least partially) ahead of time, or focus on things that can be served at room temperature. If you choose a dish that you can handle comfortably it will give you and your partner flexibility to enjoy the evening. Being stressed out is not a good look!  
  1. Choose the recipe and read it together in advance. Life is full of surprises, but the cooking process doesn’t have to be. If you read the entire recipe in advance, you can be sure that you know where all your tools are and you won’t be caught off guard by any long resting periods hiding the middle of the recipes. This is also a good time for you and your partner to divide up the tasks. One person can cook the protein while the other preps the sauce, or you can divide tasks by course. 
  1. OR Let a chef choose dinner for you! Not to brag, but Blue Apron meal kits are delicious. If you order a meal from Blue Apron, you and your partner can work with clear instructions to create a chef-designed meal without the stress of finding a recipe or going to the grocery store. If you feel like flexing your creative muscles, you can fill out the menu with your favorite dessert. 
  1. Lay on the compliments. It’s date night! Nothing is overcooked or underseasoned, because everything is cooked with love. Leave your Top Chef judging jargon at the door and focus on the good things in life: romance and second helpings. 

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just celebrating each other, a date night at home can only make things better. Here’s a bonus tip: don’t forget the wine.