The Perks of Cooking with Alexa

There are more ways than ever to find recipes. Cookbooks, blogs, and magazines are full of delicious ideas. Of course, choosing what to cook is only half of the battle. Once you’ve selected your recipe, you still need to follow it. We love the romance of flipping through an old cookbook, but for stress-free weeknight cooking, modern technology has provided a simple solution: cooking along with Alexa. 

Here’s the case for enlisting a little digital help the next time you prepare dinner. 

It’s hands-free  

Making meatballs? Rolling out dough? Cooking is a hands-on process, and sometimes that means things get messy! Using Alexa to read recipe steps is hands-off. That means no more getting flour on your phone or keyboard. Alexa can help with simple tasks without you having to lift a finger. 

Take a break from screens  

Give your eyes a rest. With Alexa to help out with cooking steps, it means some time away from phones and computers. Just set your other devices aside and listen to the steps as you prep.

Get in the flow

Alexa allows you to sink into what you’re doing. There’s no pausing to consult a book or a screen. Just get lost in your cooking and let your speaker guide you. If you miss a beat, don’t stress. You can ask Alexa to repeat a step or skip to the next step. 

Tossing pasta

All your questions, answered 

Need a little extra help on one of the recipe steps? Alexa can help you with your other cooking related queries. Try asking your speaker any questions that may come up while working on your recipe, like how to tell if your produce is ripe, the correct temperature for cooked meats, or the best way to dice an avocado.

Try it at home! Now you can access all of your Blue Apron recipes with your Amazon Echo Show. Just ask “Alexa, find Blue Apron recipes.”