Blue Apron’s Favorite Cilantro Sauce 

cilantro sauce ingredients
Fresh herbs, lime juice, and seasonings

Creamy cilantro sauce is one of our favorite ways to add a contrasting pop of flavor to our plate. We love drizzling cilantro sauce over grilled chicken, spiced beef, or seared fish dishes. 

We send our sauce premade to make dinner fast and easy for our home chefs. If you love your meal so much that you want to make it again, use this recipe to recreate your favorite Blue Apron dinner at home. 

Blue Apron cilantro sauce recipe 

Makes ¼ cup

  • 1.5 oz fresh cilantro leaves and tender stems, about 1 heaping cup
  • Juice of 1/2 lime
  • 3 Tbsp water
  • 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

Combine all ingredients in a blender or small food processor and blend until smooth. Add more water, lime juice, salt or pepper to taste. After it’s blended, measure your sauce. If it makes slightly more than ¼ cup, save the remainder in a sealed container in the fridge for up to three days. 

blended cilantro sauce
Blend all ingredients

Recipes with Blue Apron’s cilantro sauce 

Smoky Chicken & Creamy Cilantro Sauce with Vegetable Farro

For our quick spin on piri piri chicken—or Portuguese-style spiced, marinated chicken—we’re coating chicken with a blend of paprika, ground yellow mustard, and more, then topping it with a creamy cilantro sauce for cooling contrast.

Beef over Curry-Spiced Rice 

Served over a bed of fragrant, vadouvan-seasoned rice, our beef and carrots also get dynamic flavor from the spicy, sweet, and savory Indian tomato chutney they cook with in the pan. To bring it all together, we’re finishing the dish with a drizzle of bright, creamy sauce.

Chicken over Spicy Carrots & Farro

This vibrant dish is bursting with exciting flavors thanks to the blend of smoky spices (like paprika and ground yellow mustard) on our seared chicken, the herby cilantro sauce drizzled on top, and the fiery bird’s eye chile pepper mixed into the farro salad served underneath.

Seared Tilapia & Cilantro Sauce with Vegetable Barley & Pepitas

In this dish, flaky tilapia fillets are seared with a coating of our Mexican-spice blend, then served over a bed of barley tossed with spinach and marinated carrots. It’s all topped with a mix of crème fraîche and herbaceous sauce. 

Creamy Cilantro Chicken with Toasted Pepita Rice & Green Beans

This dish is filled with bold, Mexican-style flavors thanks to the creamy cilantro sauce drizzled over spiced chicken, and a bed of rice loaded with toasted pepitas, spicy pickled jalapeño, and bright lime zest.

Chicken & Black Bean Enchiladas 

These crowd-pleasing enchiladas are stuffed with a hearty filling of Mexican-spiced chicken, black beans, kale, and tender bites of rice. It’s all brought together with a bit of rich sour cream.

Mexican-Spiced Salmon & with Quinoa, Shishito Peppers & Orange

tilapia with cilantro sauce

This colorful dish features spiced salmon fillets served over hearty quinoa (studded with shishito peppers) and a fresh orange-radish salsa—all topped with a drizzle of herbaceous sauce and crunchy roasted peanuts.

Mexican-Spiced Steaks & Cilantro Sauce with Radish, Orange & Chayote Squash Salad

seared steak with cilantro sauce

To elevate our seared, spiced steaks, we’re topping them with a bright, herbaceous mix of cilantro sauce, fresh lemon juice, and spicy pickled jalapeño.

Creamy Chipotle Chicken with Cilantro Rice & Cotija Cheese

chipotle chicken with cilantro sauce

Our verdant sauce lends bold, herbaceous flavor to sautéed vegetables and jasmine rice—a satisfying accompaniment to bites of tender chicken dressed with a delightfully spicy-sweet chipotle mayo.

Find more recipes like these in the Blue Apron cookbook.