An Extra Juicy Leftover Turkey Sandwich

leftover turkey sandwich

Leftover turkey sandwich Friday is as much of a tradition as Thanksgiving itself. We love thick slices of turkey slathered with cranberry sauce and gravy in between two slices of hearty bread. If you’re feeling wild, toss a little stuffing in there too. We’re not here to knock the classic approach, but if you look forward to leftovers as much as we do, you might love this alternative take on a leftover turkey sandwich. 

The spirit here remains the same—it’s all about mixing together and piling up leftovers. Here, we’re transforming the experience into a warm and gooey sandwich reminiscent of a sloppy joe

making a leftover turkey sandwich

To do this, we’re taking our turkey and shredding it. Use two forks to pull a few slices of turkey apart into thick strands, as shown above. Once you have a sizable pile (however much you’d like to eat), add it to a medium-sized sauce pot with a few spoonfuls of gravy. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally so it doesn’t burn, until the gravy has melted into a saucy texture and the turkey is warmed through. 

Even the simplest version of this sandwich will be delicious. For a quick and easy preparation serve your turkey and gravy mixture over a single slice of toast. Eat it as an open-faced sandwich, or grab a knife and fork.

If you’re craving a little more decadence, go all out and load your sandwich up with fixings. We created an over-the-top breakfast sandwich with pulled turkey and gravy, bacon, cranberry sauce, lettuce, and a fried egg. For a little textural contrast, we recommend serving on buttery Texas toast.

Try this technique to give your leftovers new life on Friday. This might become your new favorite way to create a turkey delicious breakfast or hearty lunch. Once you’ve finished your sandwich, check out some of our favorite ways to enjoy leftover mashed potatoes, greens, and pie.