Cooking at home does more than just nourish your body. Time in the kitchen can help you unwind, save money, and learn new skills. 

No matter what health means to you, Blue Apron’s new Wellness menu is full of nutritionist-approved recipes that will fit you and your unique goals. The menu includes Carb Conscious,  WW™ Approved, and vegetarian recipes that the whole family will love. 

Look for recipes with the Wellness label on the signature for 2 menu to find meals designed in collaboration with nutritionists with your holistic health in mind.  Current customers can adjust their account settings and sign up for Wellness meals as a default choice.  

We know that health doesn’t end after dinner. Follow along on Blue Apron’s Facebook and Instagram for tips and tricks supporting mental health, financial health, and more.

Here’s a preview of the meals to look forward to

Ponzu-Sesame Tofu & Vegetables​

Sheet Pan Cilantro Chicken

For loads of umami-rich flavor in this dish, you’ll sear tofu in savory sesame oil until delightfully crisp, then toss it with tender carrots and a combo of citrusy ponzu, soy-miso sauce, and spicy sambal. It’s all complete with a verdant duo of roasted broccoli and shishito peppers.

For irresistibly tender results, we’re using a mix of creamy labneh and cilantro sauce as a marinade for our chicken, which roasts alongside a trio of hearty vegetables—all topped with a drizzle of rich tahini sauce, crunchy almonds, and sweet dates.

Veracruz-Style Shrimp & Vegetables

Yellow Curry & Lemongrass Tilapia

In our spin on shrimp a la Veracruzana—a specialty from the historic Mexican coastal city—shrimp is tossed in a bright, spicy sauce filled with juicy tomatoes, pickled jalapeños, briny capers, and more.

In this sophisticated dish, delicate tilapia fillets and crisp bok choy are cooked in our light, savory-sweet broth that highlights soy sauce, honey, fragrant lemongrass, spicy curry paste, and more. It pairs perfectly with a bed of hearty brown rice, which will soak up all of the vibrant flavors of the broth.

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