Because chicken is a mainstay of our dinner tables, as it has been on dinner tables for a long time, we know you’ve probably eaten your share of chicken cutlets and roasted chicken thighs. So today, we’re going beyond that. Here are five amazing chicken dinners you’d be hard-pressed to call boring.

What’s your favorite?

1. In Satay

Is anything better than peanut sauce?

2. As Croutons

Croutons on a kale salad, natch.

3. For Filling Lettuce Wraps

Kind of like an inside-out salad. Or something.

4. In BBQ.

Doesn’t matter that it’s winter. Let the ‘cue come to you.

5. Part of This Complete Chicken Wedge

Along with bacon, apple, walnuts, and cheese.

We’re delighted to be part of Food Network’s Comfort Food Feast. This week’s theme? You guessed it: chicken! See everyone else’s comforting chicken recipes below:

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