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Say a final farewell to summer with eight unforgettable recipes starring the warm-weather season’s best and brightest ingredients!  

1. Saffron & Tomato Bucatini Pasta

This sophisticated pasta dish celebrates the bright flavors of summer with a robust sauce of charm tomatoes and sautéed summer squash.
















2. Cherry Tomato & Peach Panzanella

Tuscan panzanella salads are defined by the easy combination of ripe summer tomatoes and rustic bread, elevated with a bit of oil and vinegar to some of the season’s best eating.
















3. Tomato, Watermelon & Farro Salad

In this dish, we’re serving it atop a delicious summer salad of juicy watermelon, tart tomato and hearty farro, flecked with fresh mint and basil.
















4. Tomato-Basil Burgers

In this unique spin on the classic burger, we’re serving succulent beef patties nestled between tart tomato slices on one side, and fresh basil leaves and creamy aioli on the other.
















5. Shrimp, Potato & Corn “Boil”

In coastal regions of the South, the seafood boil is a treasured culinary tradition—often enjoyed al fresco at celebrations.
















6. Miso Chicken Ramen

For a summery take on a Japanese favorite—ramen—we’re preparing a brothless version with plenty of colorful seasonal produce.
















7. Avocado Burgers

These burgers celebrate Tex-Mex cuisine, known for weaving together Mexican and American ingredients into hearty dishes.
















8. Corn & Green Bean Empanadas

“Empanadas de humita,” or corn empanadas, are a tasty South American specialty that features flaky pastry dough wrapped around a savory-sweet corn filling.