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Roasted Garlic Confit from Blue Apron

How to Turn Extra Garlic into Garlic Confit

All that extra garlic lying around? Turn it into two-ingredient garlic confit. It’s easy! Read more »

Garlic Toast | Blue Apron

Pan con Ajo: Spanish-Style Garlic Toast

Got extra garlic? Spanish Garlic Toast is our third delicious method of making use of excess cloves from you Blue Apron box. Try it now! Read more »

Garlic Bread from Blue Apron

Ingredient Love: Perfect Homemade Garlic Bread

Got leftover garlic? One of the all-time best uses for garlic, extra or not, is garlic bread. We share an incredible recipe that doesn’t disappoint–and is really easy to make. Read more »

Head of Garlic

Video: Here’s How to Turn Your Garlic into a Paste

Our latest video shows you how to turn a clove of garlic into delicious garlic paste that can be stirred into vinaigrettes to give them tremendous flavor. Read more »


The Magic of Garlic

When we make dinner, we put garlic in everything. That’s no accident. European, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisines all have used the alium bulb to season food for millennia, in dishes from Merguez-Style Brochettes to Beef Pad See Ew. Yet recipes include garlic for different reasons. Raw garlic adds spiciness; gently cooked garlic becomes fragrant, developing flavors in […] Read more »


How We’re “Upcycling” Our Blue Apron Boxes

We make a point to source materials that we can recycle when we’re done using them for dinner. While a lot of you are recycling them, we’ve found that some of you aren’t. But why? In this post, we’ll be looking at how people are reusing the various components of their packages in creative ways instead of recycling them. Read more »


Week 5: Let’s Eat Together

Now that your kids know their way around the kitchen and have mastered some basic food-prep skills, it’s time to put all that knowledge into action—by making dinner together! Read more »


Wine with Dinner: How to Pair for Summer

A truly great wine not only impresses enophiles, it pairs well with dinner. And then there are rockstar wines—the kind that not only impress, but are versatile. These wines stand up to simple, straightforward dishes as well as more complex, intricate combinations of flavors on the plate. Our reds and whites made in collaboration with Pax Mahle and Ian Brand are most definitely in this rockstar category. Check out our pairing tips for L’Ptit Paysan Chardonnay, Pax Red and Pax White—and discover why rockstar wines make for a memorable dinner. If you want to try them for yourself, order here by June 17th!

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thumbnail mother's day

A Mother’s Day Kit for Dads and Kids

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, but with all the excitement comes a little bit of pressure. What can we get mom that will show her how much we love her (not to mention that we have our act together) this Mother’s Day? hether you’re cooking for mom or with mom this Mother’s Day, we agree that she’s onto something: there’s nothing better than staying in and cooking together. So, we’ve rounded up our favorite foolproof recipes to share with mom. AND, we’ve created a suite of printable (and colorable!) Mother’s Day treats to make the meal even more special. Read more »

How to Make Veg Stock with Scraps From Your Kitchen

Vegetable Scraps Aren’t Kitchen Waste, They’re Soup Material

It’s just a guess, but I’m betting that vegetable consumption across the U.S. is at an all-time high each January. But when you eat lots of veggies, you end up with lots of veggie scraps. I always strive to reduce food waste in my kitchen, so instead of throwing those scraps in the garbage, I use them to make delicious homemade vegetable stock.
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