Summer adventures can happen anywhere. You can find them on a trip, in your own backyard, or even in your kitchen. This year, try spicing up your summer with adventurous flavors.

It’s easy! An adventurous flavor is just one that is new to you. It could be as simple as cooking something for the first time, or giving a second chance to a food you didn’t love right away. These are some of our favorite ingredients to use when we’re craving a bold summer adventure. 

For Middle-eastern inspired dishes, try adding a dash of za’atar. This blend of dried herbs is delicious on roasted vegetables and meats, or even in grain bowls. It often includes oregano, sesame seeds, sumac, and Aleppo pepper. This blend has a pleasantly tangy flavor. 

Zaatar (left) and Aleppo pepper (right)

Sweet and smoky guajillo peppers are a delicious way to take your tastebuds on a quick trip to South America. We love to use them in Mexican-inspired dishes, and as the base of lightly spicy sauces. 

For even more spice, turn up the heat with this Japanese-style pepper blend. Chicmi Togarashi is a traditional spice blend used in Japanese cooking. There are many different recipes, but traditional blends usually include ginger, orange zest, and nori in addition to ground pepper. That means this blend packs a lot of sweet and savory flavor along with some heat. 

Kick your summer adventures off the right way with dinner and a movie. Get cooking, and don’t miss Disney and Pixar’s new movie, Luca, now streaming on Disney+.