There are a lot of good reasons to bake bread at home. For baking enthusiasts, the process can be a source of comfort. For novice bakers, now is a good time to take on a new challenge. Whether you’re looking to tackle a kitchen project, or just in the mood for a sandwich, a homemade loaf is the way to go. These are the recipes that Blue Apron Test Kitchen Chefs (and friends!) turn to when the bread box is empty. 

loaf of bread
Who wants a sandwich?

A Peasant Bread with a Beautiful Crust 

This peasant loaf from Serious Eats is a great option for an intermediate baker. Misting the loaf while it’s in the oven gives the finished bread a satisfyingly chewy crust.  

— Diane Casner

a crusty loaf of bread
This loaf is worth the extra work

An Easy No Yeast Flatbread Recipe 

This flatbread recipe from Bon Appetit is a perfect solution for a busy weeknight. It doesn’t call for yeast, it has a short rest time, and it only requires light kneading. The ingredients are also pretty basic, so you can whip it up without much planning.

— Sarah Entwistle

A Super Savory Cheese Bread

Looking for something a little more exciting? This blue cheese swirl bread from The New York Times is soft, fluffy, cheesy, and beautiful. 

— Alex Saggiomo

A Not-Too-Complicated Sourdough 

If you’ve been curious about keeping a sourdough starter, there’s no time like the present. The Perfect Loaf has bread recipes, starter instructions, and ideas for how to use your sourdough discards. 

— Laura Henderson

A Slightly Sweet Oat and Raisin Loaf 

This recipe from America’s Test Kitchen gets rolled in oats before it heads into the oven. It gives the finished product a toasty, crunchy exterior. The slight sweetness from the raisins makes this a great option for morning toast.

— Ashley Giddens