Best Food in Seattle

Seattle has a booming food scene. It’s known for excellent Vietnamese food, breweries, and of course, Chef Edouardo Jordan’s award-winning restaurants. But where does the Chef himself grab lunch when he’s off-duty? These are Chef Edouardo Jordan’s favorite places to shop, eat, and spend time in Seattle. 

Top Spots for Drinking & Eating in Seattle

Holy Mountain Brewery

The Holy Mountain brewery is located in Seattle’s Interbay Neighborhood. They specialize in beer that has been fermented and aged in oak, giving all of the brews a spiced complexity.  In summer months there’s an outdoor patio where customers can grab a pint and enjoy the view. 

Tutta bella 

Tutta Bella serves Neapolitan-style pizza across Seattle. Chef Jordan and his son Akil are both big fans of the bubbly, chewy, slices. Even better? The pizzeria works with several non-profit partners and is dedicated to supporting local northwest companies. 

Stoup Brewery 

Time for another beer! Stoup Brewery is all about the science of brewing. Co-founder Brad Benson brings the background in chemistry, while his partners Lara Zahaba and Robyn Schumacher bring the culinary knowledge. Together, they’ve been brewing beer in Ballard since 2013. 

Hama Hama Oysters

Hama Hama has been a family-run shellfish farm for five generations. Their oysters are cultivated locally in the Pacific Northwest, and the family swears that the crisp Washington waters make their shellfish extra delicious. Fans can try their oysters, clams, and mussels at local restaurants or at home. They can be purchased online to be delivered to your door or directly at the farm. 

Foraged and Found 

Foraged and Found represents the gold standard of quality ingredients and food in Seattle. They sell wild fruits, vegetables, herbs, and fungi that have been hand-harvested or wild foraged in the Pacific Northwest. Shoppers can find items like Washington black truffles in the winter and Saskatoon berries in the summer. This is the true taste of the Pacific Northwest. 

Ecolibrium Farms

Ecolibrium Farms is a farm and garden market north of Seattle in the Sammamish valley.  This certified organic farm views cooking “as an extension of the agricultural process.” They value seasonal menu planning, high-quality ingredients, and traditional cooking techniques, and have CSA’s available to the community. They provide much of the produce to Chef Jordan’s restaurants, and work with him to cultivate and grow heirloom varieties of vegetables that Chef can have on his menus.  

Harbor Herbalist

These delicate teas are hand-blended in Seattle with many of the plants grown on their farm. You can find Harbor Herbalist tea for sale online, at local farmers markets, or being served at area restaurants.