With Halloween approaching, let’s talk candy. As purveyors of the best savory ingredients, we love the idea of making dessert as good as dinner. We’re in love with good chocolate (pictured above, the dark, milk, and white chocolate bars that have stolen our hearts.

But where the fun in cooking when chocolate is delicious as is? Fortunately, a crowd of food bloggers from around the web is stepping up the homemade candy game and whipping up everything from Twix bars to homemade marshmallows in their very own kitchens. Even if you don’t make peanut butter cups or Snickers at home this year, you can’t say no to a virtual trick or treat on this tour of the sweet candy bars below.

Homemade Candy Ideas

Homemade Twix by Food52

Butterfinger Bars by Food for the Soul

Almond Joy by Love, Cake

Peanut Butter Cups by Serious Eats

Homemade Snickers by Not Without Salt