Now that we’ve tempted you with delicious desserts and upped your cocktail-mixing game, we’d like to introduce you to our breakfast series. Good morning.

All week, we’re with you at dinner. But on weekend mornings, when time seems to slow down and bacon is an important ingredient in whatever you decide to eat. On those Saturdays and Sundays, why not take a moment to prepare a great breakfast at home? Our homemade bodega-style egg sandwich uses just a few ingredients and takes 10 minutes to make.

Here’s what you’ll need for each sandwich: a spoonful each of mustard and mayo, a challah or brioche roll, an egg, half an avocado, and some slices of cheddar cheese.

First, prep your ingredients: cut open your avocado and slice up half of it (here’s how). Pull out some cheddar cheese. Heat a little olive oil or butter in a frying pan, over medium-high heat. Lightly toast your bun. Crack the egg into the frying pan and cook until yolk is set to your liking, flipping once if over-easy is your thing.

What’s your favorite weekend breakfast? Tell us in the comments!