Biscotti are a classic Italian cookie. These sweet are traditionally baked twice. The second bake gives these cookies their characteristically hard, crunchy texture. Our favorite biscotti recipes are easy. You don’t have to spend time individually shaping each cookie. Just form the dough into a large, flat log for the first bake. After they come of out the oven, you’ll slice them in to shape and bake them again. These subtly sweet cookies are an excellent addition to any cookie plate or do as the Italians do and dunk one in your morning coffee.

Chocolate Cornmeal Biscotti with Dried Cherries & Almonds

chocolate biscotti with cherries

Our take on the classic Italian cookie features a dough of cocoa powder and cornmeal mixed with bites of tart cherries, chocolate chips, and almonds.

Glazed Cinnamon Biscotti with Candied Ginger

ginger biscotti

This variation features a simple, sweet dough flavored with a blend of warming spices (like cinnamon and allspice), plus bites of candied ginger. We’re finished them off with a drizzle of rich glaze.

Chocolate Chip & Almond Biscotti with Peppermint-Chocolate Dipping Sauce

chocolate almond biscotti

These subtly sweet cookies, paired with a decadent dipping sauce, are the perfect way to finish a meal.

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fireside feast menu

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