What’s your favorite way to eat peanut butter? We love it in savory peanut sauces just as much as we adore a sweet peanut butter cookie. There’s no wrong way to enjoy this nutty spread, and now Blue Apron’s peanut butter provider is making it even better with a commitment to sustainable packing.  

Even if you practice recycling, you can’t control the amount of plastic that is used in shipping and production of your favorite goods. Peanut Butter & Co founder Lee Zalben understands this. He believes that it shouldn’t be solely the work of peanut butter lovers to figure out packaging waste. That’s why the brand has vowed to offset all of the plastic used in the production and distribution of its product. 

What does it mean to offset plastic?

Peanut Butter & Co has partnered with the Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) to offset 100% of the plastic that they use. That includes the plastic jars that end up in grocery stores, the plastic used to wrap each case of peanut butter, and the protective plastic used on pallets for shipping. Peanut Butter & Co tracks all of its plastic usage and purchases equivalent credits from the Plastic Credit Exchange. The PCX then works to remove the equivalent amount of plastic from the environment, recycling it into new products such as soda bottles and toys. 

What impact does plastic offsetting have? 

According to their website, the PCX has diverted over 18 million kilograms of plastic from the ocean. Participating in this program gives Peanut Butter & Co an opportunity to control the impact of their products after it leaves their warehouse. 

Blue Apron is proud to partner with suppliers who take sustainability seriously. These are a few of our favorite recipes starring Peanut Butter & Co peanut butter.

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