032017-Blog-BN-Announce-final_03Niman began raising animals to an exceptional standard for quality in the 1970s. Today as the founder of BN Ranch and as a member of the Blue Apron team, his wealth of experience, knowledge and passion enables us to uphold a best-in-class set of criteria for the sustainable, responsible treatment of animals, and for high-quality beef.

Niman’s commitment to harvesting animals only in peak condition, following the wisdom of the seasons, based on temperatures, sunlight and rainfall, yields the most flavorful grass-fed beef.

032717-Blog-BN-Announce-final_06His cattle spend all of their days foraging on pastures and rangelands and are brought to market when grasses are at their highest nutrition, and the cattle are naturally mature, so the flavor and texture of the meat is at its finest. That is what we call “best-in-season” beef

Through BN Ranch, we will be raising high-quality cattle for our beef recipes. Learn more about Bill and his BN Ranch here. Looking forward, Bill Niman will play a key role in the development of all of Blue Apron’s beef, pork and poultry programs.

Promoting high standards for animal welfare and sourcing only the best ingredients are just a part of Blue Apron’s vision for a better food system. For more information, visit our Vision page.