Chitra Agrawal’s love for achaar stretches back years. Before she became the co-owner and culinary brain behind Brooklyn Delhi, she used to return from trips to India with a suitcase full of the tangy, briny, complex condiment. 

jarred tomato chutney

The term achaar comes from the Hindi word for ‘pickle,’ and in India dozens of varieties are available. The team at Brooklyn Delhi describes achaar as “India’s equivalent to Sriracha, but without all the sugar.” Much like Sriracha, achaar is best eaten on… everything! Traditionally it’s served with rice, dal, curries, or yogurt, but Agrawal loves her savory tomato achaar recipe on everything from burgers to eggs. 

The Brooklyn Delhi recipes were finely tuned to please a variety of palates. As a chef and cookbook author, Chitra Agrawal has high standards. The recipes she developed and markets along with her husband Ben Garthus are designed to be eaten by the spoonful; the spice level is slightly toned down when compared the classical Indian sauce that serves as an inspiration. The savory tomato achaar is complex and tangy, made with local tomatoes, tamarind, and a blend of spices for that perfect balance between acidic, sweet, and hot. The Brooklyn Delhi line now includes 10 sauces, including two achaars, jarred curries, a hot sauce, and more. 

Since their official launch in 2014, all of Agrawal and Garthus’s hard work has paid off. Their products have been recognized locally and nationally, as winners of the 2019 Sofi Award, the 2016 Good Food Award, the 2018 Frontburner Competition, and more. Their condiments are available to order online, and the tomato achaar is proudly featured in nationally shipped Blue Apron boxes, labeled as savory tomato chutney. 

On Brooklyn Delhi’s website, super fans of the super savory condiments share tips for how to use it, ranging from dipping dumplings into it to plopping it onto nachos. The Blue Apron test kitchen sends the savory tomato Achaar. These are some of our favorite ways to use it: 

Savory Tomato Chutney in Blue Apron Recipes 

Beef Burgers & Tomato Chutney Mayo

Beef Burgers with Tomato Chutney Mayo

Naan Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Naan Grilled Cheese with Tomato Chutney

Indian-Style Paneer & Creamy Tomato Curry

Paneer in Creamy Tomato Curry