diy mimosa bar for brunch

Mimosas are synonymous with brunch. Whether or not you feel like having an alcoholic beverage, a little sparkling juice is always a good idea. Creating a DIY mimosa bar is an easy and fun way to let your guests customize their drinks and get creative with their own combinations.

Tips for your DIY mimosa bar

Go beyond orange juice

Provide an assortment of juices in carafes so that guests can mix and match flavors. Orange juice is the classic choice. Grapefruit juice provides a tangier flavor profile. You can also try tropical pineapple juice, sweet peach juice, or pomegranate juice.

Add some bubbles

Provide sparkling wine, sparkling water, and some liqueurs or flavored syrups. Guests can choose if they’re craving a brunch cocktail or a refreshing mocktail. 

Add flair with fancy ice

Prepare fancy ice cubes before the big day. Freeze mint leaves and raspberries with water in an ice cube tray for a beautiful, memorable addition to your drink. You can also freeze whole cubes of juice. These will look festive and will create a flavor-changing drink that evolves as the ice melts. 

How to serve your DIY Mimosa bar

Set up a self-serve drinks station on the counter or on a side table. Guests will feel comfortable getting up to refill their glasses whenever they please. Once everything is in place, it’s time for your guests to get creative! Encourage them to mix and match different juices with sparkling wine, soda water, or liqueurs. Each guest will be able to find their perfect combination.

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