burger mix-in with mushrooms
A Blue Apron burger with shiitake and hoisin

A good burger is a thing of beauty. It’s a perfect marriage of crispy caramelization and rich meat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always pan out that way. Far too many burgers end up flavorless and underwhelming. For patties that are packed with flavor every time, try bringing a few more ingredients into the mix. Follow these four ideas for burger mix-ins to switch up your backyard grilling game.

Mix in some mushrooms:

In this top-rated Blue Apron recipe, a beef patty gets bulked up with shiitake mushrooms. The mushrooms stretch out the beef a bit, making the entire burger experience lighter, while also adding some complex texture and a deep layer of savory umami goodness. This recipe uses rehydrated shiitakes, but feel free to swap in your favorite mushroom.  

grilling burger mix-ins
Not everyone has a grill!

Stuff it with cheese:

Ok, pairing cheese with a burger isn’t exactly new, but we’re willing to bet you usually slap a slice on top of your patty. To switch things up a little bit, treat your cheese like a filling. Sometimes referred to as a Juicy Lucy, this recipe calls for forming a burger patty around two slices of American cheese. For maximum melting, it’s best to stick to the recipe, but if American cheese doesn’t work for you, sub in your favorite. Just be sure to have some napkins on hand. 

Stir in some sauce: 

When it comes to burger mix-ins, this method might be the easiest way to pack in extra flavor. During the mixing process, add in a few tablespoons of your favorite condiment—from barbecue sauce to hoisin. Expect a spiced and delicious result. 

When in doubt, bulk up with bacon: 

If you’re hoping for a burger that’s rich, smoky, and doesn’t pull its punches, try mixing in some diced bacon. Not only will this add flavor and depth, the bacon-y bits provide a fun crunch. This recipe tops it all off with pimento cheese for a truly loaded burger experience.

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