Today we are excited to introduce Blue Apron Summer Cookout, our first culinary offering designed specifically for the grill, one of the most popular culinary tools in the summer.

Designed for hosting a delicious and seamless summer gathering, our new box serves six to eight people and features a variety of proteins, seasonal produce including corn, zucchini, peaches, and tomatoes, and our first dessert offering! Every recipe puts a unique twist on classic summer grilling staples, using flavors from Spain, Italy, Greece, the Middle East, and beyond––like the corn on the cob which uses tzatziki and za’atar instead of traditional elote seasonings or the panzanella salad which features a creamy parmesan dressing rather than a traditional vinaigrette.

In addition to the step-by-step recipes and pre-portioned ingredients needed to prepare a main course, side dishes, and dessert, each box includes a guide to teach home cooks how to plan their prep time, cooking time, and assembly duties, ensuring a stress free, achievable, and fun hosting experience.

Recipes include:

• Spanish-Spiced Mixed Grill with Chimichurri Sauce (*Comes with a choice of two protein combinations):

    • • Steak & Chicken
    • • Shrimp & Steak
    • • Chicken & Shrimp

• Red Rice & Vegetable Salad with Oregano Vinaigrette
• Panzanella with Marinated Vegetables & Parmesan Dressing
• Corn on the Cob with Tzatziki & Za’atar
• Grilled Peaches with Balsamic Glaze & Mascarpone Cheese

Our new Summer Cookout box is available through September on the Blue Apron Market giving home cooks everything they need to host delicious and memorable gatherings all summer long!

Corn Panzanella