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chicken satay

5 Not Boring Weeknight Chicken Recipes

Because chicken is a mainstay of our dinner tables, as it has been on dinner tables for a long time, we know you’ve probably eaten your share of chicken cutlets and roasted chicken thighs. So today, we’re going beyond that. Here are five amazing chicken dinners you’d be hard-pressed to call boring. What’s your favorite? […] Read more »

Chicken Sloppy Joe

5 Tricks to a Great Slider

Sliders: more than just little burgers. There’s an art to making delicious sliders. Follow these five tricks for ultimate slider deliciousness, every time you grill turkey, mushrooms, or chicken. Read more »

Sweet Potato Gratin

11 Super Casserole Recipes for a Super Bowl Feast

A cozy gratin: easy, warming, and make-ahead-able. All qualities essential to big game eating. So, whether you’ll be routing for Denver or Seattle–or just a really snowy East Coast game–whip up one or more of these delicious, gooey main courses. In other words, here are 11 super casseroles for a super Super Bowl feast. Read more »

Breakfast for Dinner1

7 Inspired Breakfasts for Dinner from Around the World

Breakfast for dinner is happiness, joy, and comfort on dinner plate. But breakfast for dinner goes way beyond pancakes dripping with syrup or fried eggs on toast. We look around the world for breakfast-for-dinner inspiration. Read more »

Trofie Pasta from Blue Apron Meals

Five Classic Italian Tomato Sauces to Add to Your Repertoire

There’s more to tomato sauce than marinara. Spice up your sauce with capers, olives, meatballs, eggplant, basil, and more! Read more »

Perfect Roast Chicken

Video: Here’s How to Make a Perfect Roast Chicken

Roasting a perfect chicken at home requires just four ingredients: chicken, olive oil, salt, and pepper. By prepping the chicken just so and cooking it at the right temperature, you will wind up with a perfectly done dinner. Read more »

Everything Tortilla

The 8 Great Things You Can Do with Tortillas, Filling, and Maybe Some Cheese

It’s time to get serious about the fact that many, many delicious dinners can be made by combining tortillas, some kind of well-spiced filling, and a couple of topping, like cheese and crema and guacamole. Here are the permutations. Read more »

Tempura Acorn Squash Tacos

Acorn Squash Tempura Tacos

In Los Angeles, the Korean taco was born, shepherded into existence by Roy Choi, a Korean-born LA resident whose food paths crossed both Latin and Korean cooking on a daily basis. Why not bring them together? he thought. In the wake of the Korean short rib taco that launched his career, all across the nation, […] Read more »

Chili from Blue Apron

You Texans May Not Call It Chili, But a Bowl of This Is Really Good

If you want to make a hearty, healthy dinner on a weeknight, perhaps topped by rice or served beside cornbread, then look no further than an updated chili recipe, one that’s filled with nutritious ingredients like the three below! Read more »

Kale Caesar with Eggs

5 Main Course Salads for Post-Holiday Healthy Eating

While holiday eating is about indulgence, Thanksgiving dinner isn’t the only meal you’ll be eating this week. We’ve got five light, delicious salads to round out all the indulgence! Read more »

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