Eat: Ingredient Love

Our Ingredient Obsession: Labneh

There are so many standout ingredients that we adore, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of our obsessions. But you’ll see them in our recipes, the incredible ramen noodles that inspire a whole dish, the heirloom tomatoes that must be sliced into a BLT. One of our latest food preoccupations is with labneh. Read more »

6 Types of Summer Squash

Before long, summer squash will appear in abundance, wherever you look. Friends who garden will begin to bake loaves upon loaves of zucchini bread. Cooks will fry, sear, roast, and grill zucchini, beloved for its sweet but mild texture–even if none of the squash are exactly rare.

The squash is abundant, and so are the ways of cooking it. Likewise, the varieties of squash proliferate. Here are the ones you shouldn’t miss. Read more »

Green Garbanozos

How Fresh Garbanzo Beans Get Dried

The sudden appearance of fresh chickpeas at the farmers’ market got contributor Suzanne wondering about the chickpeas she’d been eating out of cans, dried, or—most of the time—in hummus all my life. What iss the relationship between these tiny green beans and the more familiar products? This spring, she found out. Read more »

The Best Way to Prep & Enjoy Tomatillos

Tomatillos are plump green fruits that don’t get enough attention. One of the reasons that tomatillos get neglected is that they don’t look so friendly. But like all good things, it’s what’s inside that counts. Read more »

All About Flatbreads

To conclude our three-part series on bread, we’re actually going back to the beginning: flatbreads are the first breads, and they’re delicious. Learn all about ’em in this post. Read more »

Sprouts & Microgreens–The Best Ways to Enjoy Them

Sprouts and microgreens add texture, flavor, and tons of nutrients to your plate. Find out how they’re grown and how you can prepare them. Read more »

A Trick for Eating Your Pea Pods

Any time we send out fresh English peas (in this recipe or this one), we write this instruction: shell the peas. But you don’t have to toss those shells when you’re done. Here’s how to up-cycle them to create another dish! Read more »

Using Fat in Food: The Cream Edition

One of the ways we add heft, flavor, and satisfaction to our food is with fat. Yes, fat! Don’t run away. For years, fat has been a threatening ingredient, one that people avoid. But, as any chef knows, meals get a lot of their flavor from fat. Imagine your quesadillas without cheese or your pad […] Read more »

Ingredient Love: All About Quick Breads

What is a quick bread? In this piece, we talk to Amy of Amy’s Bread to delve into the world of those breads made without yeast. Read more »

Ingredient Love: The Undeniable Fryable Cheese

Everything you wanted to know about halloumi–the delicious, crispy, non-melting cheese! Read more »

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