Eat: Ingredient Love

Garlic Bread from Blue Apron

Ingredient Love: Perfect Homemade Garlic Bread

Got leftover garlic? One of the all-time best uses for garlic, extra or not, is garlic bread. We share an incredible recipe that doesn’t disappoint–and is really easy to make. Read more »

How to Cook with Nuts

Using Fat in Food: The Nutty Edition

One of the ways we add heft and satisfaction to our food is with fat. We’ve already talked about delicious uses for cheese, butter, and oil, and today we’re looking into how nuts can add flavor to your food. Read more »

Radish Heart

Ingredient Love: Red and Pink Foods of Love

There are so many ways to interpret Valentine’s Day: as 24 hours of pure romance, as a chance to curl up on the couch with your partner, or as a time to act like a kid and play the day like a theme party. The latter approach involves wearing pink clothing, handing out homemade valentines […] Read more »

All About Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk: From Tree to Can

We’re so pleased to welcome Suzanne Kahn, a history grad student and author of the food blog, An Overdetermined Life, to share this post on making coconut milk at home.  When I started writing about how coconut milk gets made, I envisioned a Mr. Rogers-like adventure through a coconut processing plant. I did not picture myself standing […] Read more »

Roasted Garlic Confit from Blue Apron

How to Turn Extra Garlic into Garlic Confit

All that extra garlic lying around? Turn it into two-ingredient garlic confit. It’s easy! Read more »


How Miso Came to Mainstream American Diets

The story of how miso came to mainstream American diets involves instant ramen, early health food gurus, and sushi restaurants. Naturally. Read more »

How to Prep Kale from Blue Apron Meals

How to Prep Kale in No Time At All

Kale: it’s what’s for dinner. We’re not going to stop using the trendy green in our dinners in 2014, and you shouldn’t either. It’s fantastic in salads, hearty in soups, and perfect in mac ‘n cheese. There are a few tricks to getting your kale ready to go, and they’re especially important if you’ll ultimately […] Read more »

How to Cook with Cheese

Using Fat in Food: The Cheesy Edition

One of the ways we add heft, taste, and satisfaction to our food is with fat. We’ve already covered cooking with butter and oil, and today we turn to cheese as a delicious ingredient for flavoring your dinner. Read more »

Guide to Grains

The 13 Grains You Need to Know

Grains are an essential element of our kitchen repertoire–we cook with them basically every week. That’s because they do everything: act as the base of a salad, sop up some delicious sauce, or get mixed up and fried into grain patties. If you’re stuck eating rice and maybe the occasional bowl of quinoa, you might […] Read more »

Middle Eastern Ingredients

Ingredient Love: Essential Ingredients of the Middle Eastern Pantry

Hummus and falafel are practically part of our standard American culinary vocabulary these days, and it’s no surprise why: Middle Eastern food is delicious. Here are the elements of the cuisine so you can recognize them in your box! Read more »

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