This week, we're cooking the season's last yield of the fresh-tasting legume in our Pan-Seared Salmon over Whole Wheat Israeli Couscous with Fava Bean-Olive Relish to bid good-bye to the season (and welcome summer in its stead!). While fava are delicious, they don't come easy. Here are the steps you'll need to know to extract the delicate beans from their two layers of protective shells. Read More
Blue Apron meals are pre-portioned so you can avoid extra ingredients cluttering up your refrigerator, but sometimes you may be cooking for one or simply can’t finish your half of the Chicken, Baby Artichoke & Spinach Casserole. Leftovers happen, but they don’t have to go to waste. Though simple microwave reheating can’t always get your dish back to its former just-cooked glory,  our tips will help you reinvigorate almost anything that’s been left languishing in your fridge. Read More