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Blue Apron Summer Veggies

From Corn to Cukes: A Guide to July’s Produce

The fruits and vegetables of summer taste even better having been harvested practically in your own backyard. In today’s post–and in your weekly box–we bring the farm stand to you, rounding up the best of what’s in season, and sharing some delicious dishes you can cook up with these July favorites. All that’s left is to fire up the grill—summer is finally here!
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The Magic of Garlic

When we make dinner, we put garlic in everything. That’s no accident. European, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisines all have used the alium bulb to season food for millennia, in dishes from Merguez-Style Brochettes to Beef Pad See Ew. Yet recipes include garlic for different reasons. Raw garlic adds spiciness; gently cooked garlic becomes fragrant, developing flavors in […] Read more »


Three Limited-Time-Only Vegetables to Try This Spring

We love to visit local farmers’ markets this time of year, as spring produce makes its way from the fields to the vendors’ bins. With April turning into May, we’re obsessing over the season’s fruits and vegetables, incorporating rhubarb into our pork roast, asparagus into our fried rice, and fresh peas into our pasta. Like […] Read more »

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