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Blue Apron Dinners From Coast to Coast

One of our favorite things to do each morning is to tune in to the #BlueApron Instagram hashtag and see what you cooked the night before. So, for this ‘Homestyle’ photo roundup, we’re looking at the ‘grams that showcase how Blue Apron chefs prep, cook, and share the same recipes, but in their own unique way, from kitchens across the country. Read more »

Summer Style Round-Up

It’s summertime, and we’re loving all the bright, outdoor scenery in your photos! We’ve rounded up some of the favorites that you’ve shared with us on Instagram this season in our latest style round-up, the summer edition. Take a look at how your fellow chefs are enjoying their Blue Apron meals while the weather is nice and sunny. Read more »

#BAlive Pan-Seared Chicken & Bulgur Recipe Recap

This past Thursday, we all cooked the Pan-Seared Chicken with Bulgur Salad recipe together, LIVE on Facebook–sharing tips, tricks, and photos from our experience in our own kitchens across the country. For those of you who have’t made this recipe yet, here are some of the greatest hits of what was shared as we prepared it together. Tune in in a few weeks when we all come together again to cook the next #BAlive recipe. Enjoy! Read more »

How We’re “Upcycling” Our Blue Apron Boxes

We make a point to source materials that we can recycle when we’re done using them for dinner. While a lot of you are recycling them, we’ve found that some of you aren’t. But why? In this post, we’ll be looking at how people are reusing the various components of their packages in creative ways instead of recycling them. Read more »

#BlueApronSummer Photo Contest

Summer is officially here! In an effort to celebrate dinner outdoors, beach picnics, summer produce, barbecues–the list goes on and on–we’re hosting a photo contest so we can all share in the excitement.

Enter the #BlueApronSummer Photo Contest to win our Ultimate Get-Cooking Kit (plus our summer essentials) by submitting your summer-inspired photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Read more »

#BAlive Recipe Recap: Lemon-Parsley Chicken Thighs

On Wednesday night, we joined you live on Facebook for the first edition of #BAlive, to cook the Lemon-Parsley Chicken Thighs together. Thanks to everyone who participated in the conversation! For those of you making the recipe later this week, check out how your fellow chefs prepared this dinner. Read more »

Customer Cooking Style

One of our favorite things to do at the end of the day is to tune-in to the #BlueApron hashtag to check out what you’ve been cooking up across the country that night. In an effort to say thanks for sharing all of your wonderful photos, we’re highlighting some of our favorites.. Take a look at these beautiful home style snaps, and see how your fellow chefs are presenting their dinners. Read more »

How to Make a Vegetable Bouquet

This Mother’s Day, why not embrace your wholesome foodie lifestyle and bring mom a bouquet that’ll nourish her spirit and her body? That’s right, instead of flowers, we’re bundling beautiful vegetables together to make bouquets. Read more »

5 Fragrant Ways to De-Scent Your Kitchen After Cooking

Little makes the house more welcoming than the scent of dinner on the stove. After eating, you may find your want the fragrance of your kitchen and living room to smell less like seared steak and more like fresh flowers. Here’s how do to it. Read more »

Homestyle: Set Your Table with Cloth Napkins

Here at Blue Apron, we love to save on waste. Just as we won’t leave you with leftover parsley destined to wilt in your drawer, if you use cloth napkins, we hate to waste tons of paper napkins every time we sit down to dinner. And so, we picked our our favorite napkin-silverware-plate combination to inspire you to dig out your own cloth napkins and really set the table. Read more »

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