Forget the cherry on top. Try fuss-free dessert-decorating with the classic strawberry. No time to aim for a perfectly frosted and smooth cake? Don't even worry about it. Instead, beautify your treats with already-gorgeous berries that make the sweetest part of your meal look professional and pretty – with barely any effort. Read on for adorable strawberry-adorned dessert recipes from around the web. Read More
One of the most exciting parts of being a part of Blue Apron is that we all cook the same recipes each week. Why not share this amazing experience and make a point to cook together this Wednesday night!? Here's the idea: save your Lemon-Parsley Chicken Thighs recipe for Wednesday night, then tune in to the Blue Apron Facebook page from 6:30 to 7:30pm EST to cook along with your fellow chefs! We’ll start the discussion with a post and then let you introduce yourselves to your fellow chefs. Then, as we go, we'll share our tips and tricks for the recipe and respond to questions and comments live throughout that hour. Read More
One of our favorite things to do at the end of the day is to tune-in to the #BlueApron hashtag to check out what you’ve been cooking up across the country that night. In an effort to say thanks for sharing all of your wonderful photos, we're highlighting some of our favorites.. Take a look at these beautiful home style snaps, and see how your fellow chefs are presenting their dinners. Read More
Thanks to everyone who submitted their mom’s recipe into our Mother’s Day Recipe Collection Contest! Thanks to everyone who submitted their mom’s recipe into our Mother’s Day Recipe Collection Contest! If you’re looking for some crazy-delicious comfort food to serve mom on her special day, check out the recipe collection entries or check out our Mother’s Day Pinterest board for some inspiration. Read More
This Mother's Day, why not embrace your wholesome foodie lifestyle and bring mom a bouquet that'll nourish her spirit and her body? That's right, instead of flowers, we're bundling beautiful vegetables together to make bouquets. Read More