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Blue Apron chef and nutritionist Jessica Halper developed this recipe with her mother Laurie, a breast cancer survivor, for the annual Warrior Revolution Retreat.
An autumnal take on classic hummus — with a punchy orange color to boot. This dip gets its smoky flavor from smoked paprika and the roasty bits of carrot, which also add a layer of deep, root vegetable-y sweetness.
If you’ve never made a cauliflower steak before — we love them on Blue Apron’s vegetarian menu — consider it on your to-do list. Drizzled with chermoula, it’s simple, flavorful, and likely the star of your table.
Grilling oysters is an easy way to prepare them — especially if you don’t have the tools required for shucking. A brief stint in a hot, closed grill pops the shell open, making them easy to separate by hand and top with an herby, spicy compound butter.
When in the market for a picture-perfect brunch dish, dinner party side, or crowd-pleasing appetizer, look no further than a savory galette. Ours features sunny squash blossoms splayed atop a swoosh of seasoned ricotta and thinly-sliced zucchini.