We’ve long believed in the power of home cooking to transform people’s lives—so when we set out to create our first-ever Wellness menu, we knew it wasn’t just about the food on your plate. Home cooking has the ability to unlock a whole host of benefits for your holistic health. 

Here’s just some of the ways we believe home cooking can benefit your overall wellness. 

Physical Health

Nutrition is the biggest factor that determines our overall health—but with copious amounts of fad diets, medical studies, and unreliable resources, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused by what’s out there. 

Blue Apron’s entire menu is designed for flexibility and balance, so you can enjoy both Meatless Monday and Burger Friday. Our new Wellness menu, launching December 26, focuses first on flavor, but also supports a variety of lifestyles including vegetarian, WW, 600 calories or less, carb conscious, and more. 

Created by our expert team of chefs in collaboration with our nutritionist, these perfectly portioned recipes feature fresh produce, whole grains, high-quality proteins, and natural sweeteners. Our transparent online nutrition information also helps keep you informed so that you can achieve your unique goals—whatever they may be.

Brain Health

If 2020 has proven anything, it’s that keeping our brains engaged is a crucial component to our health. Home cooking is an amazing vehicle to challenge yourself and try out new things. 

Our recipes feature techniques for all skill levels, to help home cooks acquire knowledge they can take with them even when their Blue Apron meal is complete. Additionally, our Premium recipes feature advanced culinary techniques, and unique flavor twists for home chefs looking to take their culinary skills up a notch. At Blue Apron, we want to feed your curiosity and grow your mind. 

Relationship Health

For anyone who’s cooked a meal for their family (or anyone who’s enjoyed Grandma’s lasagna!), it’s not surprising that cooking can be viewed as a form of nurturing. This year, when home cooking has been more important than ever, many of us have rediscovered how a home-cooked meal can strengthen our bonds with family and friends. By cooking together, we’re building better relationships.  

Mental Health

Home cooking doesn’t just have the power to support your relationships with others—but also with yourself. A form of screen-free self-care, cooking can draw you into the moment, help you feel connected to the present, and allow you to enjoy a sense of accomplishment and achievement when complete. 

Financial Health

The average American household wastes an estimated 31.9% of its food a year—the equivalent of $1,866. While cooking at home can be better for your budget than eating out, predictable spending is key to financial stability. Our flexible plans, starting at as little as $7.49 per serving, help families plan better by delivering high-quality, pre-portioned ingredients, while limiting opportunities for impulse buying and food waste. 

We hope you’ll join us to see all the ways home cooking can help you unlock a holistic approach to wellness in your life. Check out new Wellness recipes, available in boxes starting the week of January 4, and follow Blue Apron on Facebook and Instagram for updates.