One of our favorite things to do at the end of the day is to tune-in to the #BlueApron hashtag to check out what you’ve  been cooking up across the country that night. In an effort to say thanks for sharing all of your wonderful photos, we’re highlighting some of our favorites.. Take a look at these beautiful home style snaps, and see how your fellow chefs are presenting their dinners.

Chopped Salad by Cindy Loughridge
Fritters by @LifeIsBananas

One of the most exciting parts about Blue Apron is that we’re all sharing the experience of cooking the same recipes each week, from coast to coast. Here are two beautiful photos of our Blood Orange Roasted Salmon recipe.

Blood Orange Salmon by @jenserafini
Blood Orange Salmon by  @wilsonwife

And, of course, it’s not all about the final dish–sometimes the prep shots are the most beautiful. Like this mise en place!

MiseEnPlace by @juz10cross

It probably goes without saying, but we can’t resist a good photo of your furry sous chefs.

One of the most important parts of cooking is sharing—so don’t forget to share your photos with us. Keep those food, friend, family, and pet photos coming with #Blue Apron!

Thanks to @wilsonwife, @lifeisbananas15, @cindyloughridge, @girlwearingglasses, @sassyandsmiling, @juz10cross,  and @penelopetheig for sharing your photos!