Daiya non-dairy cheeze and broccoli

What is non-dairy cheese? 

Non-dairy cheese is a vegan and lactose-free alternative to traditional cheeses. Non-dairy cheese can be made with soy milk, nuts, nutritional yeast, or a combination of other ingredients. Lactose-free cooks can now customize some Blue Apron dinners with Daiya non-dairy cheeze. 

Can I call it cheese? 

Technically, no. The FDA enforces standards for the definition of cheese. These standards are complicated, and regulate everything from fat content, to milk type, to moisture content for 72 different types of cheese and cheese products.  That’s why you may see some non-dairy cheese using phrases like “cheeze” or “mozzarella-style.”

how to cook with non-dairy cheese

How can I cook with dairy-free cheese?

Non-dairy cheeze is a great tool for reducing dairy consumption, lactose-free lifestyles, or for vegan cooking. Try swapping Daiya, or another diary-free cheese into a new recipe. 

For better melting, try grating non-dairy cheese instead of slicing 

The Daiya cheeze sticks grate very easily. Using a box grater or microplane, grate the sticks at a downward angle starting from one end, keeping your fingers tucked away as you grate to the other end of the stick! 

Know what to expect 

Daiya non-dairy cheeze melts well onto vegetables and protein, but it may not stick as well to proteins as a traditional dairy cheese would.

Cover a pan with aluminum foil to help non-dairy cheese melt

Put a lid on it

For best results, use steam from the cooking process to help melt your non-dairy cheeze. While your food is cooking, just cover the pan with a lid or a sheet of aluminum foil. This traps heat and ensures things get nice and melty. 

Choose your recipe wisely 

We love using Daiya cheeze sticks as a replacement for medium-hard cheeses like cheddar or mozzarella, as opposed to soft cheeses like brie and chevre. We prefer melting or baking Daiya over serving it raw. This non-dairy cheeze is great on burgers, sandwiches, skillets, quesadillas and more! 🙂 

Look for Daiya cheeze, available as a customization, on the Blue Apron menu