Banana Bread Donuts from The Corner Kitchen Blog, via Greatist

Each week, we’ll round up posts, videos, and even playlists to entertain you while you cook, and provide conversation fodder for tonight’s Blue Apron dinner. Today we’re thinking about everything breakfast and talking about making the most of your nearly-empty pantry:

Keeping Meat and Vegetarians at Peace in the Kitchen – Kitchen Treaty
This sweet and useful advice for finding common ground in “multi-vore” couples and families suggets not freaking out about cooking tofu and meat in the same pan, plus gives tips about how to keep it fun in the kitchen when you and your partner eat different things.

Wake up to the Best Coffee – Yum Sugar
Demystify the coffee question with this look into the world of coffee makers. Do you need a French press, a Chemex, or an electric drip coffee pot? If you like to be as caffeinated as we do, you’ll want to know!

Baked Banana Donuts – Greatist
This recipe for adorable, morning-worthy sweets comes from Kelli Dunn, who wrote a fantastic review of us recently. Her recipe calls for no sugar or white flour, so even though these look like donuts, they’re much more worthy of your attention.

Fancy Pigs in a Blanket – Sweet Paul Magazine
A recipe for upping the ante on pigs in a blanket gives us hope that our favorite finger food will now be on the menu at every cocktail party we attend, no matter how fancy our hosts think they are.

No Eggplant? No Problem – Huffington Post Taste
Eggplant Parmesan without the eggplant? While this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, initially, by the time you’ve salivated over the images in this post, you’ll be down with the idea, too.