Each week, we’ll round up posts, videos, and even playlists to entertain you while you cook and provide conversation fodder for tonight’s Blue Apron dinner. Here’s what we’re reading and watching today:

socarrat and beyond – bon appetit

stump the cook – NPR

  • The weirdest combinations of ingredients are on display on this tumblr. NPR listeners uploaded imagines from their pantries and on-air chefs are going to try to create edible dishes from the arrays.  Are their collections stranger than the contents of your cabinets?

a short history of sriracha – L.A. Times

diy hot sauce – medium

grub and graffitti- first we feast

  • These food-inspired murals have a street-art take on food and drink from barbecue to ginger ale. Our neighborhood in Brooklyn boasts some pretty spectacular graffiti, so we were pleased to see our favorite pastime–eating–rendered in graffiti style.